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Distance Tai Chi Course - Practice

If you are professional in Chinese Medicine, Masseur, physio therapist, Fitness instructors, or health specialist, lifestyle coach, herbalist doctors, nature therapist or working in a health industry why not add Tai Chi and health qigong to benefit you and your clients?

If you have had a qualification of above, you may apply for exemption of what you have studied.

All you need to do are: send your qualification to TCFA info@taichi365.com.au, subject: exception of e.g. "Fitness instructor” “TCM doctor” we are going to assess your qualification for exception. we are going to assist you to design your study with related courses.

The courses involves 2 components:

  • 1. Two full day related workshops face to face training or online training
  • 2. Two days of face to face teaching skills training

The courses include:

  • - 2 days face to face training with practice manual and assessment manual
  • - 2 sets of DVDs or books (selective)
  • - 2 full days selected workshops (face to face)
  • - Assessment of practice training face to face
  • - Online coaching or assessment (optional)