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Tai chi and health Qigong instructor courses Bundle


If you are thinking of becoming a professional Tai Chi or Health Qigong Instructor, there is no doubt that you are heading into the right industry to create the most enjoyable harmony balanced lifestyle in happy living.

Our goal is not only longevity, but happiness and good health. Tai Chi or Health Qigong not only help people relaxed, but also to heal. It is 100% nature self-energy healing, one of the best alternative medicines. To help our instructors approach their goals, these courses are carefully designed to allow students to study at their own time and at their own pace and enjoy the harmony balance life style straight away.

Tai Chi and Qigong Professional Group Health Qigong instructor courses has been designed in affiliation with international standard and accredited by Tai Chi Fitness Association of Australia (TCQAA), Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Society of Australia (CMASA), International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF). After you have successful achieved this qualification, you are credited to become professional member of Tai Chi Fitness Association of Australia, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Society of Australia.

If you are already professional in the health industry, such as member of CMASA, you can apply for exception for the topic you have completed by simply send a copy of your qualification for exception assessment.

The courses involves 3 components:

  • 1. Distance Fundamental Theory Training with instruction manuals, books and DVD series
  • 2. Two full day workshops refine of your practice of forms
  • 3. Four days of face to face teaching skills training

The courses include:

  • · Students theory manual, with assessment manual
  • · 4 Sets pf DVDs with books (selective)
  • · 4 full days workshops
  • · 2 full day face to face training for instructor's skills and assessment
  • · Assessment of theory distance training
  • · Assessment of practice training
  • · Online coaching