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Second World Health Qigong Day

Second World Health Qigong Day 

Opening ceremony: Saturday 8th September 2018

Venue: China Culture Centre, 151 Castlereagh St, Sydney

Instructor: Sue Chang

Who should attend

All people who love health are welcome.

Host: Chen Chuang, Director of China Culture Centre

Organiser: Tai Chi Fitness Australia

Co-organiser: Tai Chi Qigong Association of Australia

Co-organiser: Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia

Opening Ceremony: 10am - 12pm China Culture Centre, Registration: 9.30-10.00am, later arriving is not accepted.

Performance: 1.30-2.30pm Demonstration with Sydney Opera House as background at Bradfiled Plaza Milsons Point NSW 2061

The Motto of World Health Qigong Day is: "I Teach Health Qigong - duan wei

Pass the "torch" "I Teach Health Qigong to your loved ones" - " breathing with nature together as on, free from stress, sickness, medicine pollution, establish a healthy life style for prevention"

Why health qigong?

Health Qigong represents the essence and super Chinese Medicine Culture for prevention and healing chronic diseases.

5000 years ago in China, people by studying the nature and found the practice of Health Qigong is aligning human beings with nature's behaviours(Law, or "Tao" ) in harmonious balance.

When practice, the body structure aligning with nature, listening to what my body saying singing, allowing my mind has its calmness, body is softly stretching, dancing aligning with the best music in the whole universe, the symphony of my breathing with nature'a breathing rhythms together as one. Once this harmony balance is achieved, where the diseases come from?

"Health Qigong Day welcome you!