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Case Study - High Blood Pressure and Losing Weight

My name is Gary Willetts, I am 63 years old.  I had blood pressure in the last 7 years.  After 6 month practise health Qigong, my blood pressure is around 128/80, it used to around 190/120.  Health qigong also helped me eat more, but lose weight after 6-7months from 99kl, down to 92k.
The doctor asked me what you have been doing.  I told the doctor that I have been practising Health Qigong every day. A class mate Rie made comments: “yes, I can tell that you are looking much healthier than before.”
Blood pressure:
Before: blood pressure: 190/120
After 6 month: 128/80
Loose weight:
Before: 99kg
After 6 month: 92kg
Looks better, red face disappeared, better mood and characteristics