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Case Study - High Blood Pressure, Lose Weight, Free Frozen Shoulders

Jim Gaul, 67 years old,high blood pressure for many years, study health Qigong for 3 years.
"I have persist in practise health qigong. I also follow the advice from Sue for food balance,I do not eat too full before sleep. "
Blood pressure--
Before Health Qigong: around 160
After Health Qigong:around 140, the blood pressure is stable at present
Body weight--
Before Health Qigong and After Health Qigong: I have lost 15kilo
Quality of Life--
Before Health Qigong:
I was stressed, when go upstairs I am out of breathe
Before I am not able to pick up things from floor
Before I do not know how to adjust myself to reduce stress
My left arm was not touch my back and raise up to shoulder
After Health Qigong:
I am not out breath any more
I am able to pick up things from floor easily
Now I know how to deal with stress
I am able raising up over my head