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Case Study - Back Pain

Silvia Nicolas, 33 years old, Professional singer.
I am a professional singer and have been a severe arthritis sufferer for many years. The pain in my lower back had become agonising to a point that I could not turn in bed. I am only 33 years old and my doctors told me that there is no cure and I need to be on anti - inflammatory tablets for the rest of my life. This is when I looked for an alternative and came across Tai Chi.  
6 months my pain has completely disappeared, and I am not on any medication - it is quite amazing!
Tai Chi has given me a different quality of life - relaxed, pain free, infused with calmness and inner happiness.
I go home energised after Tai Chi, feeling like I have experienced a wonderful body massage. The benefits are countless. I have reduced my stress (as a mother of two small children) and I enjoy the peaceful classes and socialising with the Tai Chi group of lovely people.
I wish to thank my inspiring teacher - Sue, who has introduced me to the art of Tai Chi, for her great patience, encouragement and support!  Thank you for bringing balance, health and beauty into my life!