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Case Study - Stress And Back Pain

Picture:  Zita with her husband George at TCFA venue
Zita Gacsay, Kellyville.
Before: stressed, backache to the level I am not able to stand, sit, sleep
After: spine has been adjusted in right location, muscle relaxed, my posture is better, I think Health Qigong is a best life time friend and a good recipe, my life like water, I am very happy in Health Qigong family. 
"Hi I am Zita Gacsay, Kellyville, study 4 years.
I am stressed from office work.  
I started feeling pain in my body 4 years ago. It gradually become daily. The doctor has confirmed that I have developed osteoarthritis and I got into stage where it was difficult for me to sit, walk or even to have a good night sleep.
I started without being able to what my body signal saying 'your posture is incorrect, you are too stressed, your mussels are too tight, your pelvic is not correct… etc.'.
Well through practising gradually, my posture is adjusted and slowly surely reduced the back pain.
I learn that practise health qiong is a healthy and happy life. 
I’m feeling I am in a caring family with care and love.
Health Qigong to me is a way of life which can be performed at any time, at any age whenever I can.
Thank you Master Sue for teaching me to relax my mind, relax the mussels and make me to be as flexible as a water. "