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Health Qigong Science Research

International Health Qigong Forum was held in New York University (NYU), USA, last 18th August 2013. The Forum was created by the International Health Qigong Federation. The aim was to establish an advanced and sustainable platform for the scholar communication and cooperation of scientists in the field of Health Qigong from various countries. Through the scientific, global and standardized development, Health Qigong was expected to bring benefits to the physical and mental health of the people all over the world.


The theme of the Forum was “Qigong: Science and Wellness”. Prominent experts from China, USA, Germany, Belgium, South Korea and Hong Kong,China  attended and give keynote speeches. Recent research results on cultural implication, healthy mechanism and exercise effects was be presented. 


Health Qigong Research Paper: Effects of Health Qigiong on stress and related conditions by Susan and Kerim Schaber. Please click download to read more.