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Standing at Desk Could Deliver

Simon Frazer reported this story on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 18:43:00

SIMON FRAZER: The study builds on previous research showing the health risks faced by people stuck at their desks from diseases such as diabetes and that the long-time health mantra of 30 minutes a day of exercise may not be enough for such a sedentary lifestyle.

LYN ROBERTS: There's a view that if you just go to the gym in the morning, then that's enough to get you through the day, but I think as the research develops in this area, more and more I think it's telling us that it's important for people to be physically active and to be up and on their feet during the day.

SIMON FRAZER: Professor David Dunstan they're now analysing more data from the study to see if standing could also help fight diabetes.

DAVID DUNSTAN: We already have done studies here in our laboratory - slightly different, in that we had people either sitting or breaking up their sedentary time by just simply walking on a treadmill for two minutes bouts, just at a light pace and sitting back down, and what we saw in that study was a quite a substantial reduction in blood glucose levels throughout the day.

PETER LLOYD: That's Professor David Dunstan, from Melbourne's Baker IDI Institute, ending that report from Simon Frazer.