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Xinyi Qigong Huanyuan


'Xin' - Heart 

'Yi' - Meditation 

'Huanyuan' - Mind Body Spirit, the Sky, Earth and Human Being as one


Xinyi Qigong Huanyuan Forms

  1. Monk pray

  2. Small taichi and universe taichi together as one

  3. Charge energy within

  4. Lotus opening new life start

  5. Breeze blow the willow branch

  6. Spring water from river up to mountains, mountain back to river

  7. Dantian left and right internal gong

  8. Tai Chi circle

  9. Free style swim

  10. Yin yang exchange (lung and big intestine)

  11. Open the window look at ocean

  12. Kidney (chui)

  13. Internal Gong

  14. Put chi into order

  15. Meditation to complete