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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese traditional martial art and was originally practised purely for self defence. In use, the mind focuses to lead Chi (Qi), sending the energy power through your body meridian pathways to the attacker. Nowadays, Tai Chi has been proven to be a nature and body science and is mostly practised for health purposes.

Tai Chi came from the Chinese words Tai Chi Quan. In the old language, Tai means Supreme, Chi (ji) means Ultimate and Quan (Chuan) means Boxing. The circular movements of Tai Chi are ultimately complying with the philosophy of Yin and Yang balance in harmony for an endless positive circle.

Everything contains Yin and Yang. For example, the sun is Yang and the moon is Yin. Sunshine side is Yang, and the shadow side is Yin. The sky is Yang and the earth is Yin. Yin has Yang inside and Yang has Yin. The Tai Chi symbol shows this. See how the white right-hand half (Yang) has a small black (Yin) circle within it, while the black left-hand half has a small white circle within.

Tai Chi movements are designed to use the power of nature to maintain our body in an optimum state. In recent times, Tai Chi has become popular internationally, not just as a sport, it is also being practised as a means of keeping fit as well as preventing and curing some diseases. Tai Chi has proven its efficiency in treating chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, neurasthenia, arthritis, diabetes, stomach problems and back pains. It is one of the best alternative medicines.