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Published the inherit apprentices of Chen Fake, Great Master of Chen style of Tai Chi
From Beijing Martial Art Association web, Beijing Martial Art Chen ZhaoKui Tai Chi Club, Li Tiechang
List of second-generation disciples of Chen Style Tai Chi from Chen Fake, the 18th generation of Chen style of Tai Chi
The following are the list of Chen fake outstanding apprentices: Chen Zhao Kui, Xu Yu Sheng Zhen, Gu Xin stay, Mr Fung Hong, Li Jing Wu, Hou Zhiyi, Lei Muni, Sun Feng Zhiqiang, Tianxiu Chen, Chen pre-Xia. Follow the learning of Yang Yi Chen, Yi-Fan Zhang, Liu Mu-san, Liu Zicheng, Liu Ziyuan, nest Zhen China, Tian Hua Hin, Lee Road, one, Lifu Shou, ZHAO Jiuzhou, Zhurui Chuan, Song Liheng Yinyun Xiao Tian Hua, Guo Town, Wang Ruizhi.
List of Third-generation disciples of Chen Style Tai Chi of Wang Ruizhi and Feng Zhiqiang in Australia, the 18th generation of Chen sytle of Tai Chi:
Beijing in 1985. Both Michael Chu and Sue Change had been selected to perform on the event. We lived in the DongzhimenShizhipoXili in Beijing, Master Wang paddle a bicycle all the way to Dong Zhimen to teach us everyday 5-7:00am each morning to Workers Stadium East Gate of Beijing in Dong Zhimen, regardless of the weather rain or shine, all seasons around the year.
  • There were a number of famous Tai Chi masters working together, organised the heritage Tai Chu Quan mission, they all put their heart in teaching, have the highly respective spirit and great attitude in teaching of the wishing us to carry the skills, they were all working very hard to train the next generations as heritage. Master Wang often taught us very strictly, seriously, correct us for each step, each movement, again and again, until we do correctly. He is very patient and calm to all students, he told us you have to practise to the level you that you can sense the flow when you are practise hand push, then you got the Tai Chi skills.
Master Wang often told us, practise well, 1st of all, you have to become a Tai Chi person. As a Tai Chi person, you are doing things precisely, step by step, be kind from your heart, help others if you can. Now I understand further once I am as a Tai Chi person, I give myself to the nature, I am very happy whenever I am practising Tai Chi, it is such a mental training, once this regulation started, spirit is happier, have a regular healthy life style, mind, body and spirit are in harmony balanced condition, I am brighter, happier, and healthier each day.