About TCFA:  Master Michael Chu and Master Sue Chang were disciples with Grand Master Wang Ruizhi, 18th generation of traditional Chen style from Great Master Chen Fake learning Traditional Chen Style Tai Chi and its applications from 1980th till migrated to Australia 1990

Introduction of Chen Style Tai Chi Beijing

Tai Chi includes the philosophy which is summarized of nature’s behaviors of yin & yang harmony balance, includes mind & body, Chinese Medicine meridians, the method of breathing skills, strengthen the body and self-defense as martial arts.

TCFA Chen Style of Tai Chi chased back from history originally from the 17th Generation Chen Fake (1928-1957).  Chen Fake due to its outstanding Tai Chi skills is named “Tai Chi No. 1 太极第一人”.  Chen Fake came to Beijing from Chen Jiagou (his hometown in Hanan province) developed in Beijing.  From then on Tai Chi stepped out of countryside to capital city of Beijing and the world.

Master Feng Zhiqiang demonstrate Chen Tai Chi to TCFA student 2005

Chen Fake pioneered a new era of Chen-style Taijiquan and became the second Milestone in the history of the development of Taijiquan.

Chen Fake had taught Tai Chi in Beijing near 30 years.  Chen Fake has continuously improved from the basis of the original Chen style of Tai Chi.  He is also creator and developed more movement, such as spiral winding action, and created new boxing styles forms such as chen style tai chi yilu 83陈氏太极一路, Chen style Tai Chi Erlu Cannon Boxing 71,  二路(七十一式,炮捶).

About Beijing Chen Style Taijiquan Research Association was established in 1983。  Master Feng Zhiqiang was the president.  Master Feng had been developed further Chen style, such as Chen style Hunyuan Tai Chi, Chen style Tai Chi all from above, sword, 太极刀, hand push, self-defense etc.  Tai Chi also helped people enjoying quality living, rehabilitating from chronic diseases and prevention.

In 1953 Chen Fake and Hu Yaozhen developed Capital Wushu Society trained a lot of Wushu intelligent Tai Chi masters including TCFA masters:

Master Feng Zhiqiang: President Chen style Research Association1983-1997

Master Wang Ruizhi:Committee member 1983-1997

Let us remember them for their life time contributions to Tai Chi for the harmony of the world peace, human‘s wellbeing!

Master and Feng Zhiqiang & Wang Ruizhi both are the 18th Generations disciples of Tai Chi Chen Style Chi Great-Grand Master Chen Fake.

Master Feng Zhiqiang 冯志强师父, 18th generation of Chen Style,disciple of Chen Fake,  Creator of Hunyuan Tai Chi which is summered traditional Chen style internal Gong as Hunyuan 24.   He inherited from Great Grand Master Chen Feke but contribute to the world for huaman’s wellbeing.

Master Wang Ruizhi 王瑞芝师傅 , 18th generation of Chen Style, disciple of Chen Fake, Traditional Chen Style of Tai Chi, Laojia 1 Lu, Lao Jia 2 Lu


TCFA students refined with Chen style internal Gong and Hun Yuan Tai Chi with Feng Zhiqiang since 2007

Picture with Master Feng Zhiqian, current Chen Style inhabitant Feng Xiufang

Master Michael Chu often repeat his stories with Master Wang Ruizhi:

Master Wang’s training and his spirit always be remembered and be encouraged all of us with discipline: “No matter what, we must attend his training early in the morning 5-7am day by day. “  At the time in 1980th we lived in the Dongzhimen Shizipo Xili Eastern Suburbs of Beijing.   Master Wang Ruizhi is always there every day, all year around no matter summer or winter.

Master Wang Ruizhi paddled a bicycle from his home Ciqikou瓷器口, all the way to Workers Stadium East Gate of Beijing in Dong Zhimen, regardless of the weather rain or shine, snowing or windy all seasons through the years.  It took him around 40minutes to an hour to the training venue.  It trained us be with nature, get up with nature, and it is amazed that after Tai Chi we were all full of the energy with the whole day around.

We also took part in Tai Chi perform demonstration events organized by the organization named:  Chen style Tai Chi Research Organization.   Master Feng Zhiqiang was the organizer for most of the event at the time.  Students were selected to attend those functions from the Masters who were disciples of Chen Fake from 13 locations in Beijing.  All the masters teaching with their heart with Tai Chi disciplines and have the highly respective spirit wishing us to in heritage the skills for the next generation.

Master Wang Ruizhi often taught us very strictly, seriously, correct us for each step, each movement, again and again with great patient till we perform correctly.  He is very patient with his calmness teaching us in details, and required us practicing whenever we can.   He is able to sense the flow when we practicing hand push, or martial art application.   He said:  Without knowing the reason of the application you never be able to get the Tai Chi skills.

Story from Sue:

Master Wang told me:  “Practice Tai Chi benefit all your life” Sue recalled.  Master Wang often say:   “Master Tai Chi skills, 1st of all, you have to become a Tai Chi person.  You need to follow the disciplines of Tai Chi, learning from foundation step by step as how do we breathing in a regulation bases.  Being kind from your heart, not only get the skills yourself, but benefit more people.”

After I started teaching Tai Chi since 2000, I gradually understood further “what Tai Chi person is “Once I am given myself to the nature, aligning with nature, be as part of the nature, Tai Chi make me happier, stronger and healthier, feeling so blessed and more appreciated.   Whenever I am practicing Tai Chi, it purifies my spirit with calmness in harmony balanced condition, I have a new life in every day.

Tai Chi also helped me overcome many life time crises.  Thanks to all masters professors in my life.