Tai Chi for Work Health and Safety WHS

Are there any other adverse effects of working in a sitting position?

Employees, who for years spend most of their working time seated, also experience toher, less specific adverse health effects. Decreased fitness, reduced heart and lung efficiency, and digestive problems are common. Although these conditions are not diseases or injuries themseleves, they do predispose the employee to other diseases.

We can help you and your staff be efficient at work with simple training of Tai Chi, not only relaxed but healing with calm mind and re-energized.

Are you or your staff suffering from the following?

  • Neck, shoulder stiffness?
  • 3 high: hypertension? diabetes? high cholesterol?
  • Poor quality sleep? headache?
  • Backache knee problems?
  • Bad temper? emotional? insomnia?

Do you know all of the above is from stress?

Our specialist will help you healing from root, with 100% natural therapy in a pleasant and relaxed method, without medicine side effects or needles.

Services: consultancy, analyse your health problems to choose the right method for your to solve the problems from root.

Lectures: how do you handle the pressure at workplace? how do you coach your staff when problems occur?

Special packages including meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, relaxation treatment, chi massage, acu-massage. We can travel to your organization or you come to our venue:

  • 1 to 1 for CEOs and WHS
  • Group lecture with exercises to office workers
  • Package of above
  • Events