Chinese Medicine

Tai Chi has been practised in China for centuries. First as a Martial Art and then as a means of attaining and maintaining a reasonable level of fitness.

Recently, it has been introduced to western society as a form of exercise, often by immigrants from China and other Asian countries. I first saw Tai Chi being practised in Cabra Vale Park in Sydney, about 35 years ago and was both intrigued and impressed by the slow, graceful movements of the unknown lady as she went about her routine.

Today, Tai Chi is possibly the best exercise for everyone and there is more to Tai Chi than meets the eye. Research studies from all over the world are revealing some benefits that are unexpected, except to those who have been practising Tai Chi.

It is now known that Tai Chi has health benefits in being able to treat or at least reduce the severity of many common chronic diseases, including;

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Tai Chi for Obesity