• Wear Tai Chi uniform or comfortable clothes so that you can move around easily.
  • Wear shoes with flat soles (e.g. sand shoes or tennis shoes, Tai Chi shoes or Gongfu shoes), so that you body can be in contact on the ground firmly and comfortably.
  • A bottle of pure water. Avoid caffeine drinks and soft drinks 1 hour before or after the class.
  • Be punctual, arrive 15 minutes before class starts to relax and de-stress.
  • Must always perform within your own level and limitation while performing the exercises. Do not take it as a competition.
  • If you never have had Tai Chi or Qigong experience, please start with beginners classes.
  • Must fill in the pre-exercises forms and hand in to instructors before taken any classes.
  • Please tell on spot instructor or the person next to you, if you are feeling no well or need help.
  • A new student is entitled to have a free trial to make sure this class is suitable for you, and this also allow the instructor to have a chance assessing the right student and which class is suitable for the student.
  • We have 5 terms per year consisting of 9 weeks per term.  We have beginner, intermediate and advanced class at all of our venues. After student signed in, student is required to follow TCFA terms and conditions.
  • Personal Training and Instructor Courses can be enrolled at any time of the year.

TCFA studio is a small private group.  class is limited from 6-8 people only, booking essential

1.5h class, 9 classes a term, 5 term a year

Term fee: $198.00,  Pensioners $188.00, Casual visit $33.00 Pensioners $22.00

Enrolment is must:  https://www.taichi365.com.au/login/signup

Please fill in the enrolment form, bring it with you and hand in to the individual instructor before the class.

You can categorise our class calendar by suburb here: https://www.taichi365.com.au/timetable

The following are some information might be acknowledgeable and student need to prepare before 1st class

  1. Wear comfortable clothes so that you feel easy to move around.
  2. Wear flat soles shoes which allow your body can be in contact on the ground firmly and comfortably. e.g. sandshoes or tennis shoes, Tai Chi or Gongfu shoes
  3. A bottle of clear water. Avoid soft drinks 1 hour before or after the class
  4. Be punctual to the class, arrive with time to relax and de-stress before class
  5. Turn your mobile phone to silent or off during the class
  6. Check your environment is safe without interruption
  7. Students are allowed to drink water or go to toilet at any time if required, simply show the courtesy inform the teacher
  8. Courtesy is required before or after each class.  If students are late or need to leave the class early, they must show courtesy to the instructor.  The teacher will return the courtesy for the notification.
  9. If student need help, have health issue or simply do not feel well on the class, please inform on spot instructor straight away without any hesitation.
  10. Always practice according to your own level within your own limitation. No try, simply allow yourself perform what you can do.

All students are required to practice 3 times a day at home in order to assist student establishing a better healthy life styles and enjoy everyday living.

  1. Before breakfast: drink body temperature water 1-2 glasses depends on individual need or a spoon of Milo with 1-2 pieces of Weet-Bix some milk as required for individual as needed.  or spoon of honey body temperature water
  2. Before lunch
  3. Before Dinner or 1 hour after dinner

Yes, all training for regular classes, workshops, and related training, would be recognized after the assessment, Anyhow students still need to learn teaching skills 2 days training and theory study to complete your full training as professional instructors.

When Instructor saw students does not perform correctly or in wrong posture, there are might be body touch to correct students posture or performance, in the case student does not want to be corrected by body contact, please tell instructor before the class. All instructor respect your own choices.

Your privacy data is kept at TCFA office in database, which is never revealed to 3rd party, only TCFA related staff may be used for working purpose. All data in TCFA is guarded by The Privacy Act in Australia.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us. Your question may help more people.