Qi gong Instructor Course

Welcome to Qigong Professional Instructor Courses!

Qigong Instructor Courses Including 2 Categories:

  1. Internal Gong includes:
    1. Internal Tai Chi Gong – Inherited from Original Chen Style Internal Gong
    2. Xinyi Hunyuan Qigong – Meditation Guide the “chi” “qi” breathing with unvercial Chi together as 1.  which is foundation internal Qigong inherited from Xinyi hunyuan Tai Chi created by Master Feng Zhiqiang
    3. Rehabilitation Gong:  Includes:
      • Qigong for rehabilitation of backache
      • Qigong for improving digesting systems
      • Qigong for menopause
      • Qigong for relaxation
      • Qigong for better sleep
  2. Health Qigong:  Health Qigong – affiliated with International Health Qigong Federation.  Health Qigong has 9 forms of Qigong includes:
    1. Ba Dan Jin
    2. 12 Duan Jin
    3. Yi Jin Jing
    4. Wu Qin Xi
    5. Liu Zi Jue
    6. Dao Yin Yang Sheng 12 Fa
    7. Tai Chi Yang Sheng Zhang
    8. Da Wu
    9. Ma Wang Dui Dao Yin Shu

Note:  Student can selective 2 of the above

Who should attend?

  • If you want to learn the skills being as who you are
  • If you want to be happy and healthy
  • If you want to free from stress being able to relax yourself at any time
  • If you want to establish a healthy style including harmony balance in correct posture, professional profile, eat balanced food, sleep like baby
  • Become a professional instructor helping more people

Special offer for professionals 50%  for professionals such as TCM doctors, Meridians masseur can apply (for exemption of TCM theory study),Psychologist, Physiotherapist, school teachers,Health Care professionals, Fitness Instructors.

More information?

The courses involves 2 components:

  1. Qigong Training Manual and Assessment Manual
  2. Qigong Practice and Teaching Skills Training and Assessment

More Enrol Questions?

Please Contact us:  https://www.taichi365.com.au/contact-us/

The courses include:

2 days face to face training with practice manual and assessment manual

2 sets of DVDs with books (selective by student)

2 full days selected workshops (face to face)

Assessment of practice training face to face

Online coaching or assessment (optional)