What is Tai Chi?

Tai means ultimate, Chi (Qi) means supreme, Tai Chi (Taiji) means, ultimate supreme endless circle which is described nature law (Tao “Dao” “道”) of harmony balance:  such as day and night, male and female, breath in and breath out which all life should be followed.  The endless circular of Yin & Yang (inward & outwards) – the 2 opposite forces circle as one “Tao” comply with the philosophy of Yin and Yang exchange in harmony balance.

What is Qi?

Qi is the energy, keep your life going. In our Chinese Tai Chi book, in Qing dynasty, it said the whole universal is Tai Chi, our human body is a small Tai Chi. Everything has a Tai Chi, everyone is a Tai Chi, practicing Tai Chi is a must. The whole universal is big, very powerful, has a lot of energy, a lot of Qi. When we practicing Tai Chi, we hand our body to the whole universal as one. Once you achieve this Yin and Yang balance is beautiful feeling. You are charged the energy within your body like electricity Yin and Yang balance.


What is Yin and Yang?

Yin and Yang is Chinese philosophy is described the opposite two force as one, like the daytime is Yang in the night is Yin, man is Yang and woman is Yin. When we breath in taken oxygen volume in keep up life going that’s Yang, when we exhale that’s Yin. Yin and Yang connecting each other, holding each other, exchange each other. Tai Chi is a positive circle with Yin and Yang exchange.


Why we say Tai Chi and Qigong is good for health?

Tai Chi and Qigong is based on the Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang balance. When you are sick, the Chinese doctor believe you’re Yin and Yang not balanced, the herbalist will feel your pulse and look at the tongue to find out what is the reason causing the sickness, the medicine will be given such as Chinese medicine, eat in balance, acupuncture for stimulating body Chi channel circulation. Tai Chi or Qigong exercises are often given as super medicine for mental and physical health as one。 Once this harmony balanced breathing music start is calming your spirit, musing and massaging your body like wave in the sea, the yin and yang in perfect harmony balance where the diseases come from? Therefore Tai chi or Qigong is the best therapy as super medicine in TCM history.


What is Chi Gong or Qigong 气功?

Chi, “Qi”, “气”, air (life-energy) in universe, all life relies on breathing.   Gong 功: Practice “work”:  Qigong means practice breathing synchronizing with the frequency of rhythms of Universal chi together as one.  Qigong has been practiced as Traditional Medicine over 5000 years as martial art “Gongfu” to build energy within in, and healing diseases. Practise Qigong includes meditation, abdomen breathing skills and chi kind of body flowing stretching movement.


What is health Qigong?

Health Qigong original was created by traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctors, Dr Hua Tuo created 5 animals, Dr Sun Simiao created which has been practiced over 5000 years in history.   Health Qigong consists of a set of skills for physical and mental exercise to improve one’s inner condition and develop the human body potential. This is to be achieved by means of breath regulation body and limbs easements and mind concentration that is regulation of the body breathing and mind or three regulations.