8 Pieces of Silk

Ba Duan Jin (Eight Golden Treasure Brocade)

Also known as Ba Duan Jin (Eight Bolts of Silk), this is a kind of dynamic Qigong practice having the characteristics of both Qigong and a health-strengthening exercise. It is derived from one of the oldest health-strengthening folk exercises in China, which was created 800 years ago.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, eight movements were created to focus on strengthening the bones and muscles, regulating respiration and Qi circulation while utilizing Qigong control of the mind. Each of the 8 movements is related to different internal organs such as the liver, stomach, spleen and heart, and may be practiced in whole or part to focus on the prevention and treatment of specific medical problems.

Health Benefits

  • Increased muscular strength and the development of the pectoral muscles can assist in providing a graceful figure. The use of the core muscles will help in the prevention and treatment of kyphosis and scoliosis along with some common chronic diseases such as cervical spondylopathy, pain in the lower back and legs, and stomach ache. With persistent practice, the Ba Duan Jin can also tone the brain, strengthen health and prolong life.

The Eight Golden Treasure Brocade is simple and easy to learn, and may be varied in intensity to suit the individual. Once you have learnt it, it is best practiced in the morning or evening in fresh air, for 15-30 minutes each time.

  1. Two Hands Hold up the Heavens, stretching the spine
  2. Drawing the Bow to Shoot the Hawk, opening lung meridian
  3. One hands touch sky, one hands touch earth, for spleen and stomach meridian
  4. Look Back, massage internal organs, calm your emotion
  5. Circle Head and the Tail, active your heart function
  6. Two Hands Hold the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys, strengthening bones
  7. Punch the Fists and Glare Fiercely, regular liver system
  8. Bouncing on the Toes shaking spine prevent disease