Benefits of Tai Chi

International research has proven that Tai Chi creates a physical sense of balance and completeness that helps you to feel better. Tai Chi is a fantastic form of gentle exercise that works your entire body, such as improvement of metabolism, heart and lung, digestion and circulation, as well as strengthen bones, muscles and joints. You will increase your flexibility and gain strength whilst losing weight.

Face your daily challenges and pressures with positive energy! Tai Chi rhythmic movements activate the central nervous system to achieve mental relaxation and stress reduction resulting in a calming sense of well-being, a proven factor in reducing depression, digestive problems and immunity disorders.

Sleep Better: One of the many benefits is deeper and more rewarding sleep. When you perform Tai Chi, it will bring your mind and body alignment with nature as one in balance. Lots of TCFA students experienced its benefit in sleep and told us: We slept like a baby after Tai Chi.

Combat Age Related Health Problems: By opening your body’s pathways, Tai Chi combats the effect of ageing. Nothing ages you more than sickness. When you practise Tai Chi, you are required to calm your mind, relax your body to achieve absolute yin and yang balance. Once you have achieved metabolism control with Tai Chi, it can slow down the process of ageing and prevent age related health problems

Fight Disease and Medical Problems: Both history and modern technology has proven that Tai Chi is not only relaxing, it helps to heal diabetes, high blood pressure, migraines, liver problems, stomach problems, depression and arthritis. Tai Chi is a gentle way of fighting many common ailments

Better Concentration and Memory: When performing Tai Chi, you are required to relax your mind in a calm manner to direct your body coordination. You have to use both left and right parts of your brain to complete the procedure of circling. This reveals another of Tai Chi’s great benefits.

Fantastic for Aged or Those in Recovery Process: Because of Tai Chi’s gentle yet empowering influence on the body, it is a proven technique for the elderly to keep fit and improve their health and well-being. For those recovering from an accident or surgery it is a powerful aid to recovery.