Why is Tai Chi music considered to be the best music in the world? 

When practising Tai Chi, we are listening to our body music of regulation of breathing, the music acts as stimulant like waves in the sea massaging all our internal organs.  Breathing in and out with music regulates our mind system, nerve system, heart and lung, muscles contract and extend to all internal organs. Once our breathing music in disorder, sickness happens. Once the music stops, our life is come to an end.

That is the speciality that distinguishes Tai Chi music from other types of music. Because of its therapeutic effects, Tai Chi & Qigong music last from thousands of years to today.


Nature – Music and Human

Music starts when a first born child takes the first breathe! Music has been used as treatment for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine field. According to Chinese Medicine Psychology Theory, listen to music can muse your spirit, adjust emotion, calming your mind and touching your heart, therefore the tones can link with the internal organ’s sounds of human beings for exchanging, through this exchange it waves the blood circulation, flowing through the mind, body and spirit.

From physiologically point of view, music can impact the vibration of physiological components (heart rate, rhythms respiration, blood pressure, pulse, are matched with the music from our ears) and coincides with the human body to form a physical resonance. Therefore, it considers as the physical and mental foundation of “pentameter Therapy.”

Music 5 tones heal 5 internal organs diseases

Dated back to 2000 years ago, there was a Yellow Emperor named Yijing wrote a Chinese Medicine book: “Yellow Emperor”, introduced 5 tones heal 5 internal organ diseases. A saying states the best Chines doctor will not use needles or prescribe medication, but recommend music. After patient listens to the music, patient is in calmness state and sickness will be gone. If the patient suffers from insomnia, listen to Tai Chi music with meditation will bring the patient to a beautiful dream.

Music “Do” (1), Spleen – Soil:  digest

Music “Rai” (2), Lung – Gold:  breathing

Music “Mi” (3), Liver – Wood: blood

Music “So” (5), Heart – Fire: control unit of blood, spirit and wisdom

Music “La” (6), Kidney – Water: bone

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