Tai Chi Ball

Tai Chi is created by Master Sue Chang.   It is suitable for all people from children to elderly.   Tai Chi ball has been practised for hundreds of years as martial art in China.   When practise Tai Chi we always say hold ball.   Now you are actually holding a ball in your hands.  It will help students to get into the situation that you are able to understand your Dantian ball in your own body, and rolling the ball on your hands.    It is combination of both Tai Chi and Qigong together as one.

These exercises are useful in developing an awareness of energy and skill in working with energy. This skill is easier to learn with ball in your hands to start with and then applied to your tai chi set.

Tai Chi ball has been practised in hospitals, retirement villages, children with parents and fitness groups at all TCFA venues as a standard program.

It can be practised in park, in standing position, and sitting position to help practitioner to get correct posture, circling with whole body to achieve, meditation, relaxation holistic mind-body wellbeing.

It is easy to learn and have a great fun.

6 Forms of Tai Chi Ball

1.  Starting form

2.  Pushing ball

3.  Phoenix open wings as sun rise up

4.  Dolphin play balls

5.  Wave in the sea (Tai Chi circle)

6.  Closing form

6 Forms of Chi (Qi) Ball Qigong

1.  Starting form

2.  Dantian ball rolling

3.  Chi ball up, left turn and right turn

4.  Hold chi ball up left wave, centre, right wave

5.  Chi ball forward and down and up

6.  Meditation with jade liquid