Tai Chi for Relaxation

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Introduction of Tai Chi For Relaxation

Tai Chi for relaxation is created by Master Sue Chang.   It is a foundation training for Tai Chi; it includes the Gongfa (method of training) exercise, the method of Tai Chi and Qigong training.   New students must start from here.  It will help students to have solid foundation Tai Chi and Qigong training.   After this training, it will help students to learn relaxation skills, correct poster and feel the power of Tai Chi and Qigong straight away.

Tai Chi for relaxation has only 8 forms, it is easy for student to follow.   As you go through the Tai Chi for relaxation, you understand Tai Chi theory better.

Through many years experience in teaching, we have Tai Chi for relaxation DVD published.  It contains a lot of Tai Chi theory study, train beginners to understand why Tai Chi is so powerful for healthy purpose, how Tai Chi can help for treating chronic diseases.

It also help the people who has not experience Tai Chi before can get into Tai Chi condition easily.  After complete Tai Chi for relaxation training, student can step in to Tai Chi level 1 must easier than the student who has not been trained for Tai Chi relaxation.

The Name List of Tai Chi for Relaxation

1. Starting form

2. Original Chi

3. Tai Chi yin and yang balance

4. Push boat in the water

5. Sun and moon circle as one

6. Rooster sitting on one leg

7. Root has new life

8. Relaxation with Chi

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