Tai Chi Gongfu Fan

List of 24 Forms of Tai Chi Gongfu Fan
S.No Chinese English
1 笑傲苍穹 Smiling at the world
2 白蛇吐信 Snake searching out
3 拔草寻蛇 Part grass and searching the snake
4 龙飞凤舞 Dragon flies with dancing phoenix
5 野马跳涧 Horse jump over the creek
6 太公钓鱼 Fishing
7 点石成金 Pointing the stone turn to gold
8 青龙出水 Dragon out of water
9 仙人坐蓮 Angel sitting on the lotus
10 力劈华山 Split the mountain
11 猛虎下山 Tiger come down to the mountains
12 白猿献果 Monkey contribute fruit
13 凤凰点头 Phoenix knot her head
14 仙女背扇 Angle shoulder the fan
15 丹凤朝阳 Flower facing the sun
16 秋风扫叶 Breeze brush the leaves
17 叶底藏花 Hidden flower under the leaves
18 金蝉脱壳 Golden get out of the shell
19 蹬里藏身 Hidden from the rocks
20 云龙探爪 Dragon Swimming in the Clouds
21 横扫千军 Sweep all the army
22 天女散花 Angle throw flowers from the sky
23 大鹏展翅 Big bird flying with is wings opening
24 潇洒乾坤 Go with the flow in universe