Tai Chi Level 1 – Tai Chi 6

Tai Chi level 1 has six forms of Tai Chi, last for 3 minutes.  It is also called Tai Chi 6.  Tai Chi level 1 is an introduction about Tai Chi foundations. There are six commonly practised forms.  It includes Gongfa exercise, meditation skills.  Students who have completed Tai Chi for relaxation are suggested to start Tai Chi level 1.

On Completing Tai Chi 6 Students Should have Achieved:

1. Knowledge of basic Tai Chi step and basic Tai Chi circle skills

2. Basic Tai Chi trunk and meditation skills to achieve calm

3.  Knowledge of the warm up exercises to help you relax your neck, shoulder, back, leg and knees

4.  Build up muscles, improve balance and flexibility, and release stress

5.  Be able to have body, mind and spirit coordinating and relaxed by the beautiful Chinese traditional music

The Name List of Tai Chi for Tai Chi six:

1. Starting form

2. Crane spreads its wings

3. Brush knees left and right

4. Grasp phoenix tail left and right

5.  Floating clouds left and right

6.  Closing form