XinYi Qigong for Relaxation

Xin means heart, Yi means Meditation, Hunyuan, the original word from Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang Huanyuan Tai

Chi, Huanyuan Qigong. Human means: human’s connection with the universe together as one.

Chi or “Qi” here means the air in the universe including the air we breathing in.

Gong means: work or practice

Qigong means: practice breathing.

Xinyi Hunyuan Qigong means: Go with your heart whatever you think become true, meditation guide your breathing

combining your abdomen breathing with the whole universe breathing as one.

Summary of Xinyi Qigong means: go with your heart for a happy living gong. Be as who you are, relax yourself

mentally, physically, spirit completely. Once you are achieving this level of allowing the wave of breathing massage

all you internal organs like the wave in the sea. Allow our body each cell being oxygenized, in a soft way, like a lotus

has a new life. At the same time, no try, simply allowing our body each joint be stretching longer as soft as water like

lotus flower opening its petals. You simply enjoy listening to your body music, dancing softly with flow.

Once you are aligning connecting with nature, the regulation of breathing starts, it will regulate your whole-body

system in order. Once you have achieved harmony balance, Where the diseases come from?

Through 16 years’ study and teaching experience, I have been thinking, how can I follow the “Tao” is simple”. I have

made it. Everyone loves it, no matter you have learn Tai Chi or Qigong before or not, everyone easily gets in and

simply enjoy the process of tone up as a new person.

Suitable people: everyone from children, adult to Elderly.

From relaxation to higher level of body art, from internal Gong to physical movement.

From mental health to body profile training.

Parents with children practice tai chi together will improve the relationship and achieve harmony balanced

environment in the family. Parents can be away from stress having a peaceful time energizing themselves.

Children learning correct posture, growing up properly. Learning tai chi philosophy of thinking, understanding yin

and yang balance. Learning respect nature, teachers, parents and themselves.