Xinyi Qigong Workshop for Menopause

Xinyi Qigong for Menopause, related problems for both men and women

Do you wish to age gracefully?

Are you interested in a workshop that will equip you with daily exercises that promote hormone regulation?

Let’s face it, we could do with this kind of support at any age due to our stressful lives! Although during midlife, we naturally experience a decrease in hormones and soon realise this kind of support is crucial in guaranteeing a better quality of life as we age.

Master Sue will share her extensive knowledge and practical experience whilst focusing on this area of hormone regulation and hormone promotion after midlife for both Men and Women.

These are just some on the questions Master Sue will be answering during the two hour workshop.

When can we expect a decrease in female/male hormone secretion?

How can we keep ourselves in shape and prevent suffering during menopause?

Do men experience a type of menopause?

Learn how Xinyi Qigong can help you?

Are you currently experiencing menopausal symptoms such as; hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, dry skin, feel more emotional than usual?

Then this workshop is for you!

We are here to help you!