Master Sue Chang

Master Sue Chang

Sue Chang – B.A. Peking University

Tai Chi Master, acu-point health Qigong nature therapist

Specialised in Mental Health, Life Style coach, neck, shoulder and backache, digestive problems rehabilitation and enjoy using herbal for food receipe

Born from a traditional herbalist Tai Chi family. Sue was influenced by her Father Zhang Zengrong, who loves Tai Chi and has been practised all his life and so as his grandfather. Sue’s grandfather Chen Guodong (陈国栋) was a famous herbalist Doctor in Shenyang City.  国栋药房 (Guodong Chinese medicine shop) was established by Sue’s Grandfather (陈国栋)

“I am blessed with Tai Chi from a sick child to today.  Tai Chi has been helping me had overcome a number of life crises in my life.  Tai Chi also helped my father for rehabilitation from of stroke sequel from not able to speak at all lying to bed, to that my father not only can speak, but also be able to manage his life.”  I call Tai Chi life saving exercises, Tai Chi not only make me healthier, but also be brighter and happier.  It is a greatly pleasure in sharing the beautiful art with more people and feeling my life has a meaning when I see my student’s rehabilitation with so many health issues, be fully revered in a nature way

“My dream is encourage more people be as who we are, value yourself and preventing diseases to achieve a harmony balance in happy living. ” Sue Said.

  • Committee member of Tai Chi of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Society of Australia (CMASA)
  • Committee member of the Scientific Research Commission of International Health Qiging Federation (IHQF)
  • Director of TCFA, Honorary Chairman of Tai Chi Fitness Association of Australia
  • Honorary Chairman of China Yang Tai Chi Association
  • International Gold & Bronze medal winner 2006
  • Presenter of a series of DVDs
  • Author of remedial massage “Tuina”
  • China National Martial Arts (Wushu 6 Duan)