Professor Liu XiaoLei

Professor Liu XiaoLei is a Sports and Health expert and PhD Professor from Beijing Sport University. She is a World Martial Arts Champion and World Champion of Health Qigong, and also the Coach for the Chinese Qigong National Team, qualified Duan Wei Seven under the International Duan Wei (Grading) System for Health Qigong.

刘晓蕾: 北京体育大学体育养生专业教师,博士,世界武术冠军,世界健身气功冠军,中国健身气功国家队教练,国家健身气功七段。

She has continued to practice, teach and conduct research for many years. Her research studies focuses on the effect of traditional Chinese sports and health exercises on the treatment and prevention of middle-aged and elderly diseases. Her main research paper is on the effectiveness of traditional Chinese sports regimen in Adjuvant therapies on treating Parkinson’s disease. Professor Liu XiaoLei led the National Health Qigong team to victory in the World Championships, and represented the nation and Beijing Sport University internationally in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, France, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia to promote teaching.