Tai Chi 12

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Description of Tai Chi 12

Completed Tai Chi level 2, Tai Chi 12, you should be able to reach to the totally
relaxed stage. Your soul leads your movement with nature breathing. When
performing Tai Chi, listen to your own body, let your body naturally go, you are
feeling better, looking better, thinking better, you are thinking better, you feeling
better, looking better, thinking better. Then you are having better circulation with
nature, therefore leads you to a happy living.

Open your energy centre of your body; rely on your self to further deep understanding
of your body. You have the power yourself to make a special well being to your body,
mind and spirit.

Ask yourself who you are? What do you do? You are the most important; your
health is the most important. Your happiness is the base of your living. Your living
could affect your happiness. Your life is the most beautiful part with nature, you
deserve happy living, and you are building up your self every day to have happy

Thank you for being with me.


The Name List of Tai Chi 12

  1. Starting form
  2. Part hourses mane (3)
  3. Crane spreads wings (4)
  4. 4 Direction push
  5. Strum guitar (3)
  6. Punch (3)
  7. Cock one leg balance (4)
  8. Single whip (1)
  9. Floating cloud right (3)
  10. Single whip (1)
  11. Floating cloud left (3)
  12. Closing form

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