Tai Chi 24

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Introduction of Tai Chi 24

24 style of Tai Chi is simplified national standard Tai Chi which is designed by China national specialist in 1950. It has been developed to include forms, or positions which range from simple to more comprehensive. It is easy for people to learn.

Although the whole exercise only has 24 forms and takes only 5-6 minutes to complete, you can experience its benefits. These include and increased mental focus, moving harmoniously with your breathing, physically functioning, achieving a balance of your body mind and spirit, an improved sense of well-being and building up a true energy within.

Now it becomes popular internationally. It is suitable for all ages and easy to lear.

The Name List of Tai Chi 24

1. Starting form

2. Parting horse’ mane left and right

3. Crane spreading its wings

4. Brushing knees on both sides

5. Strumming a guitar

6. Surf rolling back

7. Grasping the phoenix tail (left side)

8. Grasping the phoenix tail (right side)

9. Single Whip

10. Floating clouds

11. Single Whip

12. High pat on horse

13. Right foot kick

14. Strike both ears with fists

15. Turn and left foot kick

16. Squatting down and standing on left leg

17. Squatting down and standing on right leg

18. Shuttle left and right

19. Needle in the sea

20. Flashing arm

21. Turn, parry and punch

22. Close up in defense

23. Cross hands

24. Finishing form

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