Tai Chi 6

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Introduction of Tai Chi 6

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that is today one of the world’s most popular and effective forms of exercise. Tai Chi offers wonderful, life-enhancing benefits and is a fantastic way to achieve greater health and fitness and to reduce stress.

The Sue Chang Tai Chi Program is a step-by-step, easy-to-learn program suitable for anyone and for all ages. It takes students from beginner to advanced and enables you to set your one pace.

Master six forms of Tai Chi to achieve Tai Chi level 1, it has only 6 forms, it is easy for student to follow, and learn basic skills to keep fit and prevent chronic disease. The DVD takes you step by step through each included Tai Chi form. With both front and back camera views, learning couldn’t be easier.

The Name List of Tai Chi 6

  1. Starting form
  2. Crane spreads wings 4
  3. Brush knees left and right 4
  4. Grasp phoenix tail left and right 2
  5. Elating clouds left and right 3 each side
  6. Closing

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