Is Tai Chi Used As Prescription For Healing?

Are you in pain?

If you are in pain, it means your meridians are blocked, once your meridians are opened, there is no pain.

The wood circling lines of the wooden tea table in circles are identical to the meridians of human body. The bigger space circling lines facing the sun is “yang”. Whereas on the opposite, the narrow space circle, facing the shadow is ying. Do you know if to place a nail into the tree, the tree meridians would damage and therefore the tree will die. It means once the circulation is stopped, our health quality will be damaged.

Research shows that practicing Tai Chi can heal diseases and future diseases. Tai Chi has been used for healing diseases can be tracked back for thousands years as part of  of Chinese medicine.

When practise Tai Chi, our meridians like this tree in circle, through the circle of abdomen breathing, massage all our internal organs, align all our body system in order.

Tai Chi prescription for all diseases

TCM saying: treat disease 1st is to treat your heart.

English saying: Listen to your heart.

  1. Name of the prescription: Tai Chi Quan
  2. Symptoms: lack of confidence, rude, lack of coordination, inflexibility, no appetite, fatigue, malnutrition, bully by others.
  3. Benefits: strengthen muscle and reduce fat, improve coordination, stretching ligaments, improve self-confidence, be able to face challenges, full of energy with happy spirit, willing to help others.
  4. Suitable ages: from children to adults, male and female.
  5. Instruction for usage: no medications. 100% natural therapy, align with nature regular lifestyle.
  6. Dosage: 20 minutes per dose, 3 times a day, 7 days a week. 100 days (3 months) for effective results. No sickness or disease all year round.
  7. Side effects: Become handsome for boys, beautiful for ladies and attractive to the world after adhere to long-term practice.