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Mr Michael Chu

Master Chu is the 19th generation of the traditional Chen-style with great Master Wang Rui Zhi. 
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Ms Belinda Elgar

TCFA Professional Instructor at Merrylands RSL and Dooleys Club in Lidcombe. 

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Professor Zexiu Ai

艾泽秀,四川省成都体育学院武术学院教授,中国健身气功技术专家委员会委员,国家武英级运动员,国家级健身气功和武术套路裁判员,国家健身气功七段,国家武术套路七段。 曾任葡萄牙, 法国, 格鲁吉亚任国家队教练裁判。
Zexiu Ai, Professor of Xichang Chengdu Sports Wushu Institute, Health Qigong 7 Duan, Wushu 7 Duan.
  • Committee member and consultant of IHQF
  • China National star level athletics
  • National Health Qigong and Wushu Routine Referees
  • Former coach and referee in Spain, France, Georgia
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Master Hua Hua

Professor Hua Hua, a national and international lecturer from Wuhan Sports University, has over 30 years of teaching experiences in martial arts field.

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Ms Sally Clarke

Sally Clarke
TCFA Qigong Professional Group Instructors Course 2015
Area: Qigong for Beginners
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Professor Yanxia Zhao

Professor Zhao Yanxia,China Guizhou Sport University

Major in Wushu and health Qigong.  Professor Zhao honored as an Outstanding Professor in the University.  Professor Zhao is also a well-known of national and international lecturer, referee.  China Wushu 7 Duan.





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Master Sue Chang

Sue Chang - B.A. Peking University

Tai Chi Master, acu-point health Qigong nature therapist

Specialised in Mental Health, Life Style coach, neck, shoulder and backache, digestive problems rehabilitation and enjoy using herbal for food receipe


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Professor Wang Xiaojun

Prof. Wang Xiaojun, PhD Professor of Beijing Sports University, Master’s Degree Candidates Mentor, Martial Arts Director of the Department of Beijing Sports University, Executive Director of Chinese Folk Medicine Association, and Professor of National Wushu Association of Medical Research.

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Professor Liu XiaoLei

Professor Liu XiaoLei is a Sports and Health expert and PhD Professor from Beijing Sport University. She is a World Martial Arts Champion and World Champion of Health Qigong, and also the Coach for the Chinese Qigong National Team, qualified Duan Wei Seven under the International Duan Wei (Grading) System for Health Qigong.

刘晓蕾: 北京体育大学体育养生专业教师,博士,世界武术冠军,世界健身气功冠军,中国健身气功国家队教练,国家健身气功七段。

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